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Research COI Training

Research Conflict of Interest (COI) training should be taken by all individuals involved in research, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Any individual working on a funded research project or human study.
  • Individuals working on dissertations who are using secondary datasets (no live subjects) and who are not receiving any funding.
  • Individuals who have completed COI training at another institution (since COI policies can vary widely between institutions. Federal regulations require that individuals moving between institutions must complete Research COI training at the new university before funding can begin.
  • UNC Health employees involved in research at the University.

Research COI training is required for all sponsored projects by federal regulations.  If an individual has not completed the COI training, the OSP grants system creates a “hard stop” on the funding so it cannot proceed.

Research COI training has to be completed every four years.  Reminders are sent to individuals 45 days, 30 days, 15 days and the day of expiration.

Training Completion Confirmation

Individuals successfully completing the online training will receive a confirmation email at their primary UNC-Chapel Hill email address (UNC individuals) or the identifying email address entered for individuals not affiliated with UNC-Chapel Hill.

UNC individuals can also log in to the training system at any time to view a record of research COI training, including completion dates.