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Division of Institutional Integrity and Risk Management

123 W. Franklin St.
Campus Box #1005
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

Media Inquiries

Stephanie Berrier

Institutional Integrity and Risk Management Departmental Contact Information
Unit Department Phone Fax Email Social Media
Central Compliance Central Compliance 919-962-6332
Conflict of Interest Conflict of Interest 919-843-9953
Emergency Management and Planning Campus Safety 919-445-1730
  • X - Emergency Management and Planning
Environment, Health and Safety Campus Safety 919-962-5507
  • Facebook - Environment, Health and Safety
  • X - Environment, Health and Safety
  • Instagram - Environment, Health and Safety
  • Youtube - Environment, Health and Safety
Ethics and Policy Ethics and Policy
  • Facebook - Ethics and Policy
  • X - Ethics and Policy
  • Instagram - Ethics and Policy
  • Youtube - Ethics and Policy
Export Control Export Control
Institutional Privacy Institutional Privacy 919-962-6332
Institutional Science and Security Program Institutional Science and Security Program
UNC Police Campus Safety 919-962-8100
  • Facebook - UNC Police
  • X - UNC Police
  • Instagram - UNC Police
Protection of Minors on Campus Campus Safety 919-843-8995
Risk Management Services Campus Safety 919-962-6681 919-962-0227