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Export Compliance at UNC-Chapel Hill

Export control regulations are a complex set of laws designed to control the transfer of information, technology, software, other items, and services considered to be important to the U.S. due to concerns regarding national security, economic competitiveness, or support of international treaties and foreign policy.

NOTE: The White House recently published a press release indicating the U.S. Government’s intent to wind down institutional relationships and research collaborations in the fields of science and technology with Russian government-affiliated research institutions and their affiliated personnel.

Please read the UNC-Chapel Hill Export Compliance Office Memo on the White House press release and also the Comprehensive Sanctions webpage for additional information. If you have any current or planned activities, agreements or interactions with entities or individuals in Russia, Belarus or Ukraine, please contact for guidance.

The Export Compliance Office at UNC-Chapel Hill supports the enterprise-wide efforts of UNC faculty, staff, and students in their teaching and research endeavors. We are dedicated to helping UNC personnel understand and adhere to the export control regulations, while facilitating the open sharing of research results, scholarship, and the University’s global mission. UNC’s leadership is committed to export compliance.


  • Quinton Johnson, Export Control Officer
  • William E. Bucha, Jr., Export Compliance Manager