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The Electronic Export Information (EEI) filing is managed through the U.S. Census Bureau’s Automated Export System (AES) and is able to provide what is known as an Internal Transaction Number (ITN) to be used when shipping items internationally.

If you are hand-carrying any items that require an EEI filing, please email UPS Supply Chain Solutions.

Customs Note

The U.S. Foreign Trade Regulations often require University shippers and travelers to file an Electronic Export Information (“EEI”) to the U.S. Census Bureau when shipping or hand-carrying any University owned items internationally.” Particularly, EEI fillings are required when shipping or hand-carrying University owned items (including laptops and smart devices) that fall into one of the two categories:

  1. The total value of the HTS/Schedule B code* applied to your item(s) is at $2,500 or higher, or
  2. The items are destined to Russia, China or Venezuela, regardless of the equipment’s valuation.

The Schedule B Look-up tool can be used to help you find the appropriate code. For certain commercial items, the vendor/manufacturer may be able to provide this code (e.g. Microsoft Schedule B Lookup)

Please review the EEI Workflow, an additional resource that explains if an EEI is needed.

To avoid significant delays in transferring any items out of the United States, please gather the following information for each item you are shipping or hand-carrying prior to filling out the Shippers Letter of Intent (SLI). The SLI will likely be provided to you by your chosen Customs Broker when reaching out to complete your EEI:

Shipment Information

This is information that revolves around the logistics of getting your items from point A to point B and will include the following:

This is the day that the shipment will leave UNC-Chapel Hill.
This stands for “US Principal Party of Interest” and is a term used to describe the responsible party for sending these items abroad. For any shipment or hand-carry of University owned materials, items, or equipment abroad, use the following information for the USPPI:

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
123 W. Franklin St., Campus Box #1005
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
EIN: 56-6001393
This will need to be the individual who is receiving the items in the foreign country. You will need to include their address as well.
Method of Transportation:
This will need to be an indication of whether you plan to ship or hand-carry items either by sea, land, or air. If you are hand-carrying items abroad and are traveling by plane, please indicate “Air.”
Exporting Carrier:
This will be the carrier that you are using to ship or transfer items out of the country. If you are hand-carrying items abroad, this will be the airline that you are using to fly out of the United States.
Port of Export:
This will be the last location where the items will leave the U.S. from. If you are hand-carrying items, this will be the last airport in the U.S. from which you will fly to your foreign destination.

Item(s) Information

This next portion will concern the item(s) that is being transferred out of the country and will need to include the following information:

  • Whether the shipment or transfer involves any Hazardous Materials. This will be a “Yes” or “No” question.
  • Whether the item is of domestic (D) or foreign (F) origin. You will likely need to indicate “D” or “F” in the SLI next to each HTS/Schedule B number in the SLI.
  • Schedule B/Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) Code: 10-digit commodity classification code that is applied to each item being transferred out of the United States.
    • The Schedule B Look-up tool can be used to help you find the appropriate code.
    • For certain commercial items, the vendor/manufacturer may be able to provide this code (either published online or on request).
  • Export Control Classification Number (ECCN): For commercial items, please contact the vendor/manufacturer to obtain the ECCN. Many companies publish this information online.
  • Please note: The ECCN for any given item is a legal designation from the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS). If you have an ECCN and have not previously received review from the Export Compliance Office for your shipment or international transfer, please contact Export Control for assistance before transferring anything out of the country in accordance with the University Policy on Export Controls.
  • Product description: Short term description of the item(s) being transferred out of the United States, as well as its fair market price, the number of these items/packages, and weight in kilograms.