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Chief Compliance Officer

Quinton JohnsonQuinton Johnson serves as Chief Compliance Officer at UNC-Chapel Hill. Prior to becoming the Chief Compliance Officer, Johnson was the Export Compliance Officer in Institutional Integrity and Risk Management. Johnson continues to maintain an appointment as Export Compliance Officer, where he supports international teaching and research programs.

As the Chief Compliance Officer, Johnson provides support and answers when needed, with the overarching aim of reducing compliance burden and fostering a culture of ethics and compliance. Research universities receive a majority of their support from state and federal funding agencies, and it is incumbent upon all of us to ensure that those taxpayer funds are utilized responsibly and ethically.

For University compliance updates, please join the distribution group Contact Leslie Kreizman to request access.

Contact Information

Carolina Square, Campus Box #1005
123 W. Franklin St., Suite 600B
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-1005

Compliance Partners